Robohood’s proprietary Mobile Robotic Art Studio offers our AI-driven software, hardware and accessories package, all in one kit: everything you need to begin creating artwork.
Our Mobile Robotic Art Studio is an all-inclusive package that comes with a cutting-edge Robotic Manipulator, essential mounting tools, a software subscription, and innovative painting equipment: everything you need to get started on your artistic exploration journey of various materials and techniques. Our expert team provides comprehensive support as well as a 3-day training program, making this an excellent choice for artists of all levels. Our team develops each Mobile Robotic Art Studio to ensure a flawless and unforgettable Robopainting™ experience.
What’s Included with the Mobile Robotic Art
Studio Package
Years of research, development and testing has come together to provide an ultimate solution for AI-Driven art: the Mobile Robotic Art Studio. Included in this kit is everything you’ll need to become a Robopainter™, creating unique, astonishing artworks with the help of bespoke hardware and some very smart AI.
  • Robotic Arm

    Next-generation Robotic Manipulator with mounting tools


    Robohood Magnetic Attachments, paint brushes, palette and canvas


    Subscription to Robohood software that processes images to create a unique artwork with AI-enhanced painting paths

  • Experience

    Create your own unforgettable Robopainting™ experience.

Unleash unprecedented depths of creativity, and take your art to the next level with Robohood’s Mobile Robotic Art Studio

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